You Must Denounce Hamas — and Nat Turner, Quanah Parker, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Spartacus….

When conquerors break people, some break in horrifying ways.

Comrade Morlock


unknown (from the book, Authentic and Impartial Narrative of the Tragical Scene Which Was Witnessed in Southampton County), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

— Why I finished writing this post

If you hate this post, thank a Zionist. I had started it, then set it aside because the subject of rape and massacre is enough to make me hate humanity. I was planning to delete it half-written when someone left a comment with a link to a photo of the naked corpse of a woman ostensibly raped and killed in Hamas’s October 7 attack, and I knew had to finish this.

But first I left this reply to the comment:

Sharing the picture of a dead person is a powerful way to appeal to emotions and a terrible way to appeal to reason. It is the tactic of lynch mobs and explains why so many Zionists are cheering as women and children and non-combatants are being killed by Israel’s bombs at this very moment.

Who has denied that some members of Hamas committed rape and murder? The question is whether Israel has done comparable things while it steals land that the UN gave to Palestine.

The commenter responded with “The answer is no, and certainly not on the scale of what happened on Oct 7.” I replied,

Scale? Israel has killed and wounded far, far more people than Hamas.

“The data collated by CNBC shows that more than 18,600 Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank have been killed in conflicts with Israel since 2008. That compares with at least 1,500 killed in Israel over the same period.

Since 2008, at least 183,500 Palestinians have been wounded due to the conflicts, while approximately 11,700 in Israel have been injured, according to the UN data.”

The commenter, like so many partisans, writes as though everyone on the other side is the same, yet that is never true. For example:

Lt Tamar Bar Shimon, who survived the attack at the Erez military base attached to the Gaza Strip’s only civilian crossing into Israel, has testified that a Hamas man…



Comrade Morlock

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